The Parochial Church Council (PCC)


Parish of Saint George the Martyr, New Mills of  The Peak Deanery

At the Annual Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Parochial Church Meeting of  the above parish held on Sunday 27th June 2021

The following were elected as Churchwardens:

Mr. R. Hole

The following were elected as Lay Members of the Deanery Synod:

Mrs. M. Davies (2020-23)
Mrs. G. Tarr (2020-23
Mr. D. Wellens (2020-23)

The following were elected as Lay Members of the Parochial Church Council:

Mrs. Austin (Mid-term)  Mr. J. Lord (Mid-term)
Mr. T. Banham (Newly elected)  Mrs. J. Rackstraw (Newly elected)
Mrs. Y. Banham (Newly elected)  Mr. L. Shufflebotham (Mid-term)
 Mrs. C. Butterworth (Mid-term)  Mr. T. Spires (Mid-term)
Mr. P. Holt (Mid-term)  Vacant
Mr. A. Lawton (Re-elected) Vacant
Mrs. B. Lord (Re-elected)